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Conditional Branching

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Differential Equations

Curve Fitting


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Numerate Pro brings tremendous power to everyone. The intuitive user interface virtually eliminates a learning curve. From the power of fourth order nonlinear differential equations and FFT signal filtering to the cube root of a number accurate to thousands of digits, Numerate Pro is a tool that anyone can grasp quickly. The versatility of the iterative spreadsheet with multi-line-program structured equations makes solving ‘what-if’ scenarios a breeze. The software can analyze transcendental equation like the integral of sin(x)/x or the roots of 1 = Cos(x) * Cosh(x) accurate to as many digits as desired! Numerate Pro can illustrate mathematical concepts to students at all levels.

Every aspect of this software design has been focused on users getting the results they need. Whether you want to check what 3 trillion divided by 145 million is, or to find out how many digits to express the conversion of 69 inches in centimeters. Whether you want the all 27 factors of 100,032, or the future value of $50,000 invested at 4.5%. If you need to know what the date will be 1 billion seconds from now, this affordable software makes it easy.

If you want to know how accurate the result of an equation or function is if the argument is a measurement and only known to a limited precision, Numerate Pro provides an equation analysis for this purpose. The analysis is provided with every unit conversion as well.

Curve fitting data in an interactive makes it possible to quickly find an equation that best fits the data. The equation can then be used in place of the data for further analysis.




The graph in Figure 1. shows the symmetry of ex and ln(x) about the line y = x.












 So Many Tools, So Easy To Use






Although the software supports external functions programmed in any language, they are not necessary for everyday use. Simple loop structures and conditional branching can be done directly in any equation or cell of the spreadsheet. All of the tools that you will need are provided as intrinsic functions. There is no need to memorize complicated function names or learn a new programming language. A data set can be filtered with the click of a button, regardless of the number of data points. Integrating a function is as simple as clicking the summary tab.


A first or second derivative can be plotted with one click. You can even vary the parameters of any function, even differential equations, with a slider and see how this affects of any function, even differential equations, with a slider and see how this affects the area under the curve, the length of the curve, or the intersections with another curve instantly.


No other software solves a system of equations with differential equations, transcendental equations, polynomials, trigonometric and logarithmic equations seamlessly. This feature opens up entirely new worlds for engineers and scientist to explore. Quite simply, this software is must have for anyone exploring the world around us.